L-acetylcysteine: is the acetylated form acid L-cysteine ​​that proves to be more stable and thus more easily absorbed in the intestine. In addition to the well known mucolytic explicated by this molecule, another important effect is to counteract the action of free radicals because the molecule has a marked effect oxide-reducing and antioxidant (L-cysteine ​​is a natural precursor of glutathione, one of the most powerful natural antioxidants in the body). This effect turns out to be of particular importance in smokers.

Vitamin C: how well known this vitamin has a variety of roles including increases the body’s resistance, strengthens and stimulates the immune system function, destroys free radicals and prevents cell degeneration (including the aging process) and also participates in processes of cellular respiration. Particularly important is the association with the L-acetylcysteine ​​in the activity

Bromelain from pineapple: contained in the stem, and in the fruit juice has always been known for its proteolytic (protein digestion), but not only. And well-known also its anti-edema action and fi brinolitica. Speci fi cally, and for these characteristics, the action ‘fl uid fi cante’ against the mucus is dispatched bronchial potential bene fi t in particular in cases of asthma, sinusitis or chronic bronchitis.

Althea herbs eg plant is very rich in mucilage but its lìtocomplesso is also characterized by the presence of liavonoidi, anthocyanins and phenolic acids. It is traditionally used in diseases in fi ammatorie of the upper airways and oral cavity for its action antin fi ammatoria and antitussive. In particular, the present mucilage layers is fi cano mucous membranes, in particular on those of the upper airways and to protect it, on the one hand preventing contact with toxic substances of various kinds, on the other hand allowing the repair and scarring.

Grapefruit seeds eg extract of the seeds, contains predominantly bio flavonoid and glucosides, and its efficiency is based on the interplay of these different components that characterize the fi tocomplesso. Bioflavonoids have different properties, but in particular perform actions coagulants, hemostatic, anti fi ammatorie and antiallergic, and are effective in slowing the formation of free radicals (antioxidant). The glycosides are a group of substances that have important anti-infective effects. It is well known fact, the broad spectrum activity explicated by grapefruit seed against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Children: from 3 years to 1 sachet daily or as needed to dissolve in half a glass of hot water and also to be taken preferably away from meals.
Adults: 2 sachets a day or as needed to dissolve in half a glass of water, also hot and to be taken preferably between meals.
20 x 3g sachets

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