α-lipoic Acid: s an important cofactor in the Krebs cycle and a powerful antioxidant that is rapidly absorbed after oral somministration. It seems that prevents damage caused by oxidative stress level central nervous system and peripheral. lts use is responsible for cell function, promotes the use of glucose and the production of energy at the neuronal level by increasing the synthesis of neurotransmitters.


Acetylcarnitine is an important physiological cofactor necessary for the activity of the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell). It’s a useful supplement in all cases of de fi cit acting at central and peripheral, in assist the treatment of injuries and Mecaniche fi ammatorie nerve, involutive cerebral syndromes primary (premature aging) or secondary to vascular disease. In addition to the therapeutic effects, acetyl L-carnitine seems can stimulate the growth factors and repair neuronal (NGF) and protect the nervous system from oxidative damage.


Zinc is an essential mineral, present in the organism in quantities greater than that of any other trace element outside of the iron and is present in all tissues. Performs several functions: it is in connection with the normal absorption chin and action of the vitamins, particularly those of the B complex; is a constitutive element of many metalloprotease; is important in the synthesis of DNA and is a component of insulin.


Nervonic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid of marine origin precursor glycolipids membrane. The main properties attributed are the regeneration of the myelin sheath and the general improvement of brain function thus represents an excellent altemative for adjuvant treatment of neuro-muscular and anti-aging.

The main functions are:


– Regeneration myelin sheath

– Reduction in total cholesterol in the blood

– Adjuvant treatment in neuromuscular disorders (including muscular dystrophy)

– Assists in growth and brain development of the child

– Action aging. Anti-stress and improve memory skills

– Assists in skin diseases of autoimmune origin

– General improvement of brain function


Vaccinium myrtillus: the main actions carried out by this complex that are protective of peripheral venous microcirculation promoting the normalization of the strength and elasticity of the wall of the vessels themselves and also anti-radical action.


Vitamin B3 – B6 – B12: their fundamental properties as cofactors metabolic of most human enzymes therefore their action is of fundamental importance for the prevention and repair of damage tissue.


Selenium: is the element excellent antioxidant as fights formation of free radicals. It’s important to establish some proteins (selenoproteins) and indispensable to prevent the phenomena of senescence.



Take 1 or 2 tablets per day faraway from meals.

Non contengono lattosio e glutine.


30 x 750mg FILM TABLETS

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