The PMS Pharma S.r.l. company specializing in natural products and cosmetics of the latest generation of highly effective. The management has a long experience in the field and a great knowledge of plant extracts, recognizing in them, even today, the origin of medicine and pharmacology. Strongly oriented to the role and future of the preparations of natural substances and as carefully and as prevention.

Therefore, in the market of natural product using their knowledge and skills .It has set as a goal for their preparations: Quality of plant extracts, proven effective and affordable price.
The company also operates in the world of medicine where she continues the conversation turned to the well-being of couples and issues related to sexual and male erectile deficit in collaboration with Androsystems
The nutraceuticals represent the technological vanguard as they use pharmacologically active substances for the “cure” and “prevention” of disease leering for cosmeceuticals, designed and developed by physicians and pharmacologists keeping faith to the needs of the market and the same request.

Everything stems from the need to treat the most heard and improve their body: a necessity growing concept of health and wellness.
PMS Pharma Srl Every day keeps alive the interest in the search for new solutions for the care and well-being and is developing a line of products also paid to the care of our closest friends namely dogs and cats. Get the best experience and knowledge, applying it to our times, using modern technology and reliable. “Treating and preventing” has become our principle, and our participation in research methodology Welfare.

Quality and innovation

The Pms Pharma is conscious of the responsibility for their own mission and passion of its team, for that is constantly updated and on techniques and methods of production of new natural molecules pharmacologically active, as well as the uses of active substances already known.

The Pms Pharma Ltd. company that treats and manufactures nutritional products and cosmetics with unique features: the study of the pharmaceutical industry, the Nutraeutica and Cosmeceuticals.
To get these results our preparations are formulated by experts, contain active titrated adequate and fair associations. All this in order to have an effective and targeted. Our raw materials are selected and controlled from the origin of the production process to the finished product.

The staff of PMS Pharma Srl is composed of physicians, pharmacists, pharmacologists, chemists specialize in the chemistry of natural substances, sales representatives, employees in Marketing in continuous collaboration with research centers available to the company put all their knowledge and experience to to create a good quality product, chemically safe, respecting the philosophy, belief and religion of all.

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