Due companies for one only purpose

Smp Pharma sas and Pms Pharma Srl (respectively producer and distributor) work in synergy in the world of food supplements.
They are both specialized in latest generation and highly effective natural and cosmetic products, they are strongly oriented to the production and marketing of preparations based on natural substances both as a cure and as a prevention.


The management has a long experience in this sector and a great knowledge of plant extracts, recognizing in them, even today, the origin of medicine and pharmacology.

The staff is made up of doctors, pharmacists, pharmacologists, chemists specializing in the use of natural substances, scientific informants and marketing staff, all in continuous collaboration with the research departments. Everyone makes their knowledge and experience available to the company in order to create a qualitatively, valid and safe product.


Everything arise from the need to heal and improve one’s body: a growing need in the concept of health and well-being.
Every day we keep alive the interest in finding new solutions for human care and well-being and we are developing a line of products also aimed at the care of our animal friends.
We want to get the best out of our experience and knowledge, applying them to our times, using modern and reliable technologies.

“To cure and prevent” has become our value, and our methodology of participation in the search for well-being.

Quality & Innovation

We are aware of the responsibility of our mission and the passion of our team, for that reason we are constantly updated both on production techniques and methods and on new pharmacologically active natural molecules, as well as on the in-depth use of the already known active ingredients.

Request a visit of a medical representative

Ask to be contacted by a qualified Medical Scientific Representative able to answer any request or information regarding our company and what we produce.

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