Food supplement of Group B Vitamins, Vitamin C and Folic Acid with Lactoferrin, Iron and Fish Oil  indicated to provide an additional supply of these nutrients in case of deficiency or increased need.

NUTRITIONAL EFFECT: Iron, B2, B6, B12 Vitamins contribute to the normal formation of red blood cells; Iron contribute to the normal formation of hemoglobin, normal oxygen transport and intervene in the cell division process; Iron, C, B2, B6, B12 Vitamins and Folic Acid contribute to the normal function of the immune system, to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and to the normal energy metabolism; C Vitamin increase iron absorption and contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress; Folic Acid contributes to the growth of maternal tissues in pregnancy and intervene in the cell division process.

Components and characteristics

Omega 3 (EPA, DHA): they are essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (EFA: essential fatty acids). These nutrients are essential for the body and cannot be synthesized by it. They can be found in oils of vegetable origin, in dried fruit, in fish and in fish oil. They are difficult to preserve because they oxidize easily and degrade during cooking. The polyunsaturated fatty acids of the 3-series are important for growth and in the adult have an hypotriglyceridemic, antihypertensive and antithrombogenic action therefore they reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. They interfere at different levels with lipid metabolism, pressure regulation, brain and retina development, activation and control of the immune system, platelet formation and coagulation cascade.

Liposomal iron: it is the most known and discussed microfood as it enters the red blood cell formation cycle and the oxygen transport cycle. Iron supplementation with enriched formulas in addition to a varied diet prevents the development of iron-deficient anemias. An optimal intake of iron in childhood is positively associated with the indices of growth and psycho-intellectual development. It is also important to guarantee tissue replacement, especially in subjects who make prolonged physical efforts.

Lactoferrin: is an iron-binding glycoprotein enabled for iron transport, belonging to the transferrin family and found in high concentrations in breast milk. There are over two thousand studies published on the various biological functions of this glycoprotein and from these it can be seen that besides the iron transport action, lactoferrin is a natural antioxidant and a powerful natural-killer cell activator, it plays an important role in defense immune, performs an immunostimulant action and inhibits the release of histamine from mast cells both in vitro and in vivo.

B vitamins (B2, B6, B12, Folic acid): they are water-soluble vitamins and act as coenzymes in most of the metabolic processes of energy production. They are particularly important in cell division, as a carbon transporter in the formation of haem present in hemoglobin, a fundamental protein for the formation of red blood cells and for the storage of iron in muscles. They are also necessary for the synthesis of nucleic acids, essential in the growth and reproduction processes of the body cells as well as for a correct functioning of the brain concentrating in the cerebrospinal and extracellular fluid.

Vitamin C: or ascorbic acid is a water-soluble vitamin that presents essential characteristics to humans, which means that it must necessarily be supplied from the outside. Vitamin C has a well-known role in the formation of collagen but also plays, as better understood only in fairly recent times, many other functions in the body being involved in numerous biochemical steps and influencing many enzymatic activities and physiological processes such as favoring iron absorption and its transfer to ferritin.

Proper use

we recommend hiring up to a maximum of two tablets a day, to be swallowed without chewing or breaking.


Keep out of reach of children under three years. Dietary supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not consume after the storage deadline. The expiry date refers to the product in unopened package and properly stored.
Conservation method: store in a cool (<25 ° C) and dry place and away from sources of light and heat.


60 gastroprotective tablets of 650 mg